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The Elephant Expedition - Educator Edition

 Embark on a 9-week journey of personal transformation that will leave you and your cohort of peers more confident in how you show up in and outside of the classroom.

There is an Elephant in the Classroom

In a time when men, women, and children (including students) of all races, social classes, and cultural backgrounds are enraged and flooded with emotions surrounding the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many others, we are all on a journey to become anti-racist. 

Yet to see real change, individuals with greater influence and power may need to be held to an even higher standard due to the potential scaled impact of their biases.


However, it's time we address the elephant in the room, or rather, in the classroom: Teacher bias. 


Although educators and school leaders likely have better intentions and more cultural awareness than average professionals, they too are human and are subject to biased beliefs and stereotypes.  This affects educational professionals' ability to equitably serve their students, especially when about 80% of U.S. teachers are white while only about half of U.S. students are.


To solve for systemic racism, we need to build anti-racist future leaders, and who better to do that than the teachers who these young changemakers look up to?  By intentionally supporting educators in their own transformation journey who in turn transform their students, our Elephant Expedition model creates real change.

Become a more



Use Your Voice

Stand Out

Make a Difference 

Promote Unity 

Build Lasting Relationships

A REAL Solution to a Longstanding Problem

Our proven approach is proactive vs. reactive.  We model and encourage long-term behavioral change and relationship accountability.  We believe that real change starts at the heart. We prioritize humanity in order to promote the work of racial equity. Our five-part framework helps address personal and social rejection, builds confidence, and empowers you to become a more impactful leader, both in and out of the classroom.

You'll Also Recieve 

Confidence Booster Workbook

6 small group zoom sessions

Personalized anti-racism action plan

Exclusive %10 percent discounts on products and services ( good for 30 days )

What will you learn?

How to examine the misinformation and unconscious bias that impacts their behavior towards others.

How to understand the role of identity

plays in their personal leadership

Learn how to be open and true to your own personality, spirit, and character.

Participants will gain the ability to accurately recognize their
emotions and thoughts, where
they come from and how they
impact their current behaviors.

How to Identify the harmful effects of oppression on one’s self and own group.

Participants will deepen their
knowledge of personal strengths
and weaknesses and walk away
with a better relationship with


Emerald Mills - Lead Facilitator/Coach 

Emerald has over 20 years of experience facilitating diverse conversations on a wide range of topics. She has obtained her BA in communication from the University of Wisconsin. Coach Mills is a certified trainer for the National Coalition Building Institute(NCBI) and holds a ToP Facilitator Certification. She is also the founder of Diverse Dining, an events/education organization whose mission is to cultivate courage, compassion, and connection.     

20 Year's Industry Experience 
Published Author 

Emerald Mills is a change agent. She is a dynamic teacher and speaker. Her teachings caused me to look within and find the broken places of my life and to overcome them.

Valerie Yelk- Photographer


This group has helped me to be more authentic and open with people I may not know or have just met.

Tamika Marble - Special Education Teacher 


Emerald brings a depth of training knowledge plus the kindness and compassion required to facilitate diversity and inclusion dialogues. Two weeks into a business program I was co-facilitating, George Floyd was brutally murdered. I connected with Emerald to ask if she'd be willing to be a (paid) guest speaker on our program and I'm so glad that I did! Emerald was able to swoop into an established program, open up a safe dialogue, and hold space for our Milwaukee entrepreneurial community.

Lisa Sarnowski- Coach & Consultant

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