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Diverse Dining

Explore, Experience, Expand

Diverse Dining offers unique cultural dining experiences that help you learn more about the attitudes, beliefs and customs of different people.  Each event include special activities and features exclusive to Diverse Dining guests. You are guaranteed to walk away feeling more enlightened and connected to the world around you.    


Our goal to help our guests be courageous enough to explore unique food and different places in various communities. A Diverse Dining event opens with appetizers, introductions and ice breakers. Our custom designed games and activities are centered around diversity and made to ignite courage in people while challenging social norms and status quo.    


During the time in which we share our main course we present our guest speaker to share facts around the specific topic to create a unique experience. This time is key to helping the group build compassion for each other.  Through shared experiences our guest learn that they have more commonalities than expected and that their differences should be used to strengthen rather than divide.


After the event, we provide tools and opportunities to strengthen the connection that was built between our guests during the event. We encourage them to stay connected beyond the Diverse Dining event and become apart of our Diverse Dining community through mailing lists, social media and other communication routes.



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